What is Selenese?

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Selenese is the language used to write Selenium Commands. These Selenese commands are then used to test web-applications. Based on the HTML tags of the UI elements, one can check their existence. Commands help Selenium understand what actions or operations to perform.

Classification of Selenium Commands

Selenium commands are mainly categorized into three types:

  • Actions – Help manipulate or change the state of applications (e.g. click on some link or select an option from a page).
  • Accessors – Enable verification and storage of the application state (e.g. consider command “storeTextPresent” – if the text is found on the page, then it stores True else stores false).
  • Assertions – Help compare expected and actual results. They act like checkpoints and if both the values are equal, only then the test case passes or else it fails. Thus, Assertions help verify whether the state of the application after executing the test case conforms to the desired state (e.g. VerifyText, waitForPageToLoad). Assertions have three modes:
    • Assert
    • Verify
    • WaitFor


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