What Is the Software Development Life Cycle?

The application of normal business procedures to the development of software applications is known as the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). This blog present its phases or stages.


Project leaders review the project’s terms during the planning phase. Calculating labor and material expenses, developing a schedule with specific deadlines, and forming the project’s teams and leadership structure are all part of this process.

Defining Requirements

Defining requirements is part of the planning process to figure out what the application is supposed to perform and what it needs. A social media program, for example, would necessitate the ability to connect with a buddy. A search feature may be required by an inventory program.

Designing and Prototyping

The design phase simulates the behavior of a software program. The architecture, user interface, platforms, programming, and security are all part of this. Meanwhile, prototyping can be incorporated into the design stage. In software development, a prototype is similar to one of the early versions of software. It gives you a general concept of how the program appears and functions.

Software Development

This is where the software is really written. A small project may be created by a single developer, but a large project may be divided and worked on by multiple teams.


It’s vital to test an app before releasing it to the public. Much of the testing, such as security testing, can be automated. Other testing can only be done in a specific context; for complex deployments, consider developing a simulated production environment.


The application is made available to users during the deployment phase. Many businesses prefer to have the deployment step automated.

Operations and Maintenance

The development cycle is practically complete at this stage. The application has been completed and is currently being utilized in the field. However, the period of operation and maintenance is still crucial. Users find flaws that were missed during testing during this phase. These issues must be addressed, which may result in new development cycles.

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