What is TranslateCI?

TranslateCI - Automated human translation for your Laravel app | Laravel  News

TranslateCI is an automated human translation for your Laravel app. It is a localization tool that handles the obstructing parts of translating your projects on Laravel. It can support 70+ languages and it also uses professional and legit human translators for the texts to read like it was written by a real human and not a machine.

What else can TranslateCI do?

  • TranslateCI can also scan for the existing translation in the projects.
  • TranslateCI makes it easy to keep everything up to date. Whenever you push code to your repository, TranslateCI will scan for any new or updated text and translate those phrases.
  • TranslateCI will pick up any text in your codebase wrapped in Laravel translation helpers whether it’s in your source language files or not.

Setting up TranslateCI

  1. Connect your Git repository and select the language(s) you want.
  2. It will give you a price range quote to translate the application.
  3. Accept the quote and wait for the TranslateCI to work. Most applications takes approximately a day to translate.
  4. After the translation, it will merge them back to your language files and makes a pull request to the Git repository.

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