What is Web Server?

Basically, web server is a computer that manages the hosting of websites. It’s a computer application that requisites web pages and distributes them as needed. It’s primarily goal is to store, process, and distribute web pages to users. The Hypertext Transfer Protocol is used for this intercommunication (HTTP) also, other protocols are used to respond to client requests made over the World Wide Web.  Web server software is required on all machines that host websites. Web servers are used in web hosting, which is the storage of data for websites and web-based applications, often known as web apps.

Features of Web Server

Because the Web Server can support enormous amounts of data storage, it can host several websites. The log file setup is simple, allowing you to specify where all log files should be saved. They also assist in the control of bandwidth to limit network traffic, allowing for the avoidance of downtime while high-volume web traffic is running. It is simple to set up custom error pages configuration, which allows you to observe user-friendly error messages on your website when it encounters any challenges, such as 404 Error if web pages are not shown. Default documents can be supplied, for example, if a file’s name is not specified, default documents will be displayed. It supports server-side web scripting, allowing users to create dynamic webpages. PHP, Python, and other server-side scripting languages are only a few examples.

Examples of Web Servers

  1. Apache Servers
  2. WP Farm
  3. Nginx
  4. Google Web Server
  5. IIS

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