Advantage and disadvantage of using wireless/bluetooth mouse and keyboard

Advantage of wireless mice and keyboards

Freedom to move

Most wireless/Bluetooth mouse and keyboards can be utilized up to 30 feet (9 meters) away from the transmitter, with latency and interference from obstructions being a concern only at the extremes of this range. One of the main advantages of wireless mouse is the ability to walk further away from the computer, which is essential for navigating through presentations or working on-screen with colleagues.

Easier to travel with

When you travel with a wireless keyboard or mouse, you won’t have to worry about coiling up your cables (only to have them unravel and tangle in your laptop bag). Instead of scrambling for USB connections on the side of your laptop, you can quickly continue work whether on the train or in a café.

Reduces clutter

If you’re a minimalist, you’ll like how sleek and contemporary wireless keyboards and mouse appear on your desk. You’ll like having a clean, organized environment free of cables that take up precious space or become tangled up with your other possessions.

Even if you like a busier workstation, the lack of wires and connections will make it easier to organize your area.

Contributes to good workstation ergonomics

The easier it is to arrange your keyboard and mouse for proper alignment and posture, the cleaner and clearer your workplace is. Make sure your keyboard and mouse are as close to the center of your body as possible; bending or leaning to reach them can lead to aches, pains, and injuries over time.

disadvantage Of Wireless Mice And Keyboards

Slower and susceptible to interference 

Wireless and Bluetooth mouse and keyboards can cause interference or be significantly slower than their cable equivalents, however this is unusual. While this is usually unnoticed, it may be a no-no for gamers or anybody who demands extreme precision in their job.

Can run out of charge

Wireless mouse and keyboards must be recharged because they are not hooked into a power source. Although their battery life is often remarkable, you still run the danger of getting caught out and about with a dead mouse or keyboard.

Replacement batteries

If your mouse or keyboard is battery-operated, you’ll have to replace the batteries on a regular basis, which can get expensive over time.


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