Benefits of Drones

They can save lives

UAS can be used to survey damage, find stranded and injured individuals, and assess ongoing risks in natural and man-made catastrophes without jeopardizing the safety of rescue teams and first responders.

They can support law enforcement

Searching for lost children, providing tactical surveillance and suspect tracking, assisting in accident investigations, and monitoring big crowds are all possible uses for UAS.

They can streamline agriculture management

Farmers can target areas that need care by using a crop management system to detect, measure, and respond to variability in individual plants. Farmers may improve productivity, conserve resources, and reduce waste by locating specific locations and providing care only where it is needed.

They can give media access to hard-to-reach places

A UAS can shoot aerial photos for a news broadcast or a blockbuster film in an efficient, cost-effective, and safe manner.


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