Energy Management Solution

Energy Management Solution or EMS monitor and analyze energy consumption are becoming a bottom-line business priority. Here is how to do the Energy Management Solution.

  1. RECORD – measuring and recording energy consumption.
  2. REPORT – reporting the results including any variances from the targets which have been set.
  3. ANALYZE – correlating energy consumption to a measured data such as occupancy.
  4. SET TARGETS – setting targets to reduce or control energy consumption.
  5. TRACK – tracking energy consumption from the set target in a regular basis.
  6. COMPARE – comparing energy consumption to an appropriate standard or benchmark.
  7. CONTROL – implementing management measures to correct any variances which may have occurred.

An effective EMS focuses on converting real-time data into useful information that drive specific tactical improvements. These tactical quick wins, moreover, can build momentum for a broader vision and strategy for how the EMS can benefit the business.

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