Facial Recognition in Global Marketing

One of the most effective ways to express emotion is through the face. Just how well we remember events, brands, and products is determined by our everyday emotions. Facial recognition has a lot of advantages for a company or organization that wants to use it for marketing. Market researchers can use facial recognition to analyze facial expressions on a large scale and at a low cost. Humans can be biased or unwilling to share their true opinions when using traditional methods of analysis, such as focus groups and modern neuroscience techniques. The unobtrusive and unfiltered emotional reactions of a participant are captured by facial recognition.

Marketers can use facial recognition in their marketing strategy thanks to Snapchat, which was one of the first to use facial recognition software. Brands and organizations can use Snapchat to create filters that fit the user’s face. Snapchat’s facial-recognition software has been used by brands such as Taco Bell and Gatorade to promote their products. The brand can see how many people have used the filter, how many times it has been shared, and even how many people have swiped up or viewed a specific page. Facial recognition is also being used by media companies to test movie trailers, TV pilot characters, and the best placement of TV commercials. Face-recognition software is currently used by Facebook to automatically tag people’s photos. Users can easily unlock devices, log in to apps and websites, and even make purchases with Apple’s facial-recognition software. With the help of Expedia’s custom-built facial recognition software, the site’s custom-built facial-recognition software was able to determine which footage drew the most positive reactions from users and offer a discounted vacation package accordingly (Yap-McNamara). The benefits of using facial-recognition software for marketing are demonstrated in these examples.

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