Setting PHPMyAdmin for Containerized WordPress

Since we are using Mysql in making docker-compose.yml file for dockered WordPress installation , we can add the service phpMyAdmin to access and view the database.

Open and edit the docker-compose.yml file and include the following phpMyAdmin service and its environs in your YAML file.

$ sudo nano docker-compose.yml

Add the following phpMyAdmin service and its environs:

      - my_database
    image: phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin
    restart: always
      - '8080:80'
      PMA_HOST: my_database
      MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: my_password_1234789

Run the docker container:

 $ docker-compose up -d, 

Then open localhost:8000 to view the website


Open localhost:8080 to view the phpMyAdmin.


Enter your authentication details and you’ll be able to view and interact with the MySQL database.

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