Tips for Maintaining your Website

After spending so much time designing and building your website, you would not want it to get outdated and unmaintained. So, here are some tips for you!

  1. Keep it updated
    Leaving your website unattended for long periods of time could be one of the worst things. By setting a schedule each month and edit your content with your latest projects so that visitors will know that you have been hard at work.
  2. Make sure your links are working
    Remember to update you links regularly. It does not mean to check it daily but just pay attention and update your external links as frequently as you can.
  3. Cross-check on other platforms and browsers
    Make sure to cross-check your websites on different browsers, platforms, and devices such a tablets and smartphone. This is a way to know the compatibility and responsiveness of your website.
  4. Build a strong SEO presence
    Make sure that your website is not only abides by web standards but is also search-engine friendly.

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