What is a LEO Satellite?

Iphone 13 is said to support LEO satellite communication that will allow it’s users to send text messages and call even if there is no cellular signal. A low earth orbit (LEO) satellite is a piece of electronic equipment that circles around the earth at lower altitudes. It orbits between 2,000 and 200 kilometers above the earth. It is commonly used for communications, military reconnaissance, spying and other imaging applications.

Most of the man-made objects orbiting the earth are LEO. Satellite communication benefit from the lower signal propagation to LEO that results to less latency. It is very good for many types of earth observational satellites by resolving smaller subjects with greater detail. On the other hand, LEO satellites have much smaller field of communication. It rotates fast around the earth and this cause for it to have small coverage. It requires to form a constellation of satellites that functions in concert to improve the coverage for a higher range of communication.

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