What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is a collection of HTML, CSS and JavaScript tools used for creating, designing and building web pages and applications. It is also the most used and popular CSS Framework for developing mobile-first and responsive websites. Bootstrap can be used with any editor or IDE, and any server side technology and language.

Bootstrap Logo Vector - (.SVG + .PNG) - LogoVectorSeek.Com

Main advantages of Bootstrap:

  • It is responsive by design
  • Maintains wide browser compatibility
  • Quick to learn and user-friendly
  • Offers coherent design using components that are reusable

Bootstrap comes in two forms:

Precompiled Version

It contains the output from LESS or the CSS Preprocessor. In order to modify Bootstrap, we need the source and compilation of the LESS files into the CSS.

Source Code Version

It comes in style source code which is written in LESS, the JavaScript and the documentation. This will allows users to customize their own version of Bootstrap.

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