What is IoT?

IoT stands for “Internet of Things”. These Internet of Things devices collect and share data with other devices, applications, and systems, and in many ways the data talks to us and the other things it’s connected to.

How does IoT works?
IoT is a system of Internet-connected devices that use machine learning to act on data collected by sensors. These devices can range from smart warehouse vehicles to fitness trackers to cold storage temperature monitors. There are four parts integrate IoT systems:

  1. Sensors/devices – Smart devices or sensors pass data to the cloud.
  2. Data Collection and Connectivity – Data is passed from a device or sensor to the cloud via some type of connection.
  3. Data Processing or Machine Learning – IoT devices collect data from its surroundings and processes it. Software will decide to perform an action like sending an alert to a user or automatically adjusting a sensor without the user’s intervention. The device can also send alerts to the user if they are in trouble.
  4. User Interface – The Internet of Things IoT is a network of connected devices that can be controlled by a user’s smartphone. Some decisions or actions that need to be enabled by a traditional user interface are still difficult to control using a smartphone.

The benefits of IoT are wide-ranging and more and more companies have begun to realize the potential applications for business.

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