How to full screen CentOS 7 in VirtualBox


  • VirtualBox
  • Installed CentOS7 in VirtualBox

Step 1:

Start your CentOS7

Step 2:

Open Terminal. (make sure your CentOS is connected to the internet)

Step 3:

Enter the following commands:

sudo yum install gcc

Type “y” when the asks requires your confirmation.

Sudo yum install kernel-devel-$(uname –r)

Again, type “y” when the process asks for your confirmation.

Step 4:

Close the terminal and click the “Device” on the upper left and then click “Insert Guest Additions CD image…”

Step 5:

Click “run”. It will require you to enter your user password.

Step 6:

It will run a program in terminal. When it is done, press Enter.

Step 7:

Reboot your CentOS.

Step 8:

After successfully rebooting, go to “view” and click “full screen mode”.


If you want to exit full screen mode, hover your mouse at the bottom center, it will show the options.

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