How to Mount USB on VirtualBox

Step 1: Open VirtualBox, and then click on ‘Help’ in the Top Menu.

Step 2: Click on ‘About Virtualbox’, and there you can find your version Number.

Step 3: After that, go to website

Step 4: Click on ‘downloads‘, and there find the extension pack related to your version.

Step 5: Now, Go to virtualbox, click on ‘File’ in top menu, and then click on Preferences.

Step 6: Click on ‘Extensions’ in left menu, and then click on ‘Add new packages’.

Step 7: Select the extension, and install it.

Step 8: After installing the extension, select your Virtual machine.

Step 9: Click on ‘settings’, and then click on ‘USB’.

Step 10: Select what type of USB you are mounting (1.1, 2.0, or 3.0), and then click on ‘Add new USB Filter’ in the right section.

Note: Some old operating system doesn’t have the built in USB driver installer for the particular USB types, so you have to download the installer manually, or sometimes, you have to use a USB (flash drive) that can read by your virtual machine operating system.

Step 11: Click on your USB Flash Drive to select it, and then click on ‘ok’ button.

Step 12: Start your virtual machine, and then go to ‘My Computer’, you will see your USB Flash Drive under ‘Devices and drives’.

When you start your virtual machine, the USB Flash Drive will be unmounted on your host machine, so make sure that you save your files before starting your virtual machine.


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