How to Swap Out Your Laptop’s CD – ROM for Additional Storage through HDD or SSD

CD – ROM in Laptops

Most laptops, especially older models, have a DVD drive or a CD drive. Most of us no longer use optical drives in this day and age of the internet. The optical drive is being phased out of new laptop releases by laptop manufacturers. So the title of this article is How to Replace Your Laptop’s DVD Drive with an HDD or SSD. So, if you have a DVD drive, you can use that port to add a new HDD and possibly a new SSD by using a caddy. You can also use this if you need to upgrade to a larger storage capacity.

How to Replace Your Laptop’s DVD Drive with an HDD or SSD

What you’ll be needing:

  1. Caddy (die-cast aluminum caddy is preferred, but a plastic caddy is acceptable): you can get one from amazon for less than $10.
  2. A screwdriver
  3. A replacement internal hard drive or SSD
  1. Remove your DVD drive. The first step is to remove the DVD drive from the laptop. To be able to do it. To begin, turn off the laptop, remove the battery, flip it over, and remove the bottom cover to gain access to the screw that holds the optical drive in place. The screw should then be removed.
  2. Take off the faceplate. Remove the faceplate gently with a screwdriver or a plastic knife.
  3. Place your hard drive or SSD in the drive caddy.
  4. Disassemble the metal bracket and reattach it to the caddy. Attach the caddy to the small metal bracket attached to the back of your DVD drive. Make sure to tighten all of the screws now (not too tight).
  5. Insert the optical drive faceplate into the caddy. Attach the optical drive faceplate to the drive caddy at this point. The tabs will easily snap into place and attach to the drive caddy.
  6. Place the DVD drive caddy in the DVD drive bay. Replace the drive caddy in the DVD drive bay and reattach the screw to secure the drive caddy to the laptop.

That’s all and this is how you can replace the DVD drive in your laptop with a secondary HDD or SSD.


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