How to Track a Lost Android Phone Even if You Never Installed a Tracking App?

With so much personal information stored on our phones, losing one may be terrible. What can you do once it’s gone? Android offers its own version of “Find My Phone,” which can track your phone without any prior configuration.

How It Works

Find My Device website.

Google’s equivalent of Apple’s “Find My Phone” function is simply known as “Find My Device,” and it comes pre-installed on all Android smartphones that support the Google Play Store, which is the vast majority of them.

Find My Device is linked to your Google account, which you used when you originally set up your Android phone. This is also when Find My Phone is enabled. You’re ready to go once you’ve configured your phone. Find My Device is prepared and waiting for you.

Find My Device can do a few functions. First, it displays the location of your smartphone on a map, as well as Wi-Fi details and battery percentage. Second, if you believe it’s nearby, it may simply call your phone—even if it’s on silent—to help you find it. Finally, it has the ability to remotely lock your phone or wipe all of your data.

Using Android Find My Device

Find My Device is available via the website and the Android app. It should be noted that the Android app does not need to be installed on the lost smartphone. This app is only for seeing your devices; it does not enable tracking. The website will be used in this guide, although the same tools may be available on the app.

Select a device.
You’ll see your gadgets after logging in with your Google account. When you choose the device, you’ll see when it was last detected, the network it’s connected to, and the battery level.
Select pin on the map.
Of course, you can also see the device’s location on a map. When you click the pin, Google Maps will take you to that spot.
Play a sound on lost phone.
Next, pick “Play Sound,” which will ring your device for up to five minutes (independent of ringer mode/volume) until it is unlocked.
Secure the lost device by locking it.
The following tools are extremely beneficial for misplaced gadgets. We’ll begin with “Secure Device,” which you may enable by entering an optional message and phone number for anyone discovers your phone. Then select “Secure Device.”

The final instrument is the most powerful. If you don’t think you’ll ever get the device back or are concerned about someone gaining access to your personal information, you may remotely delete everything. If you do this and then return the phone, you will have to re-set it from scratch.

Remotely erase all the device data.
Choose “Erase Device,” then confirm your choice by clicking “Erase Device” again. There’s no turning back now.

That’s pretty much it for Find My Phone. Of course, all of this is contingent on your lost phone being turned on. If the battery dies or someone turns it off, you won’t be able to follow it or do anything remotely.

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