How to Track Your Internet Usage in Your Android Smartphone

We are becoming increasingly reliant on our mobile devices, to the point where many users have abandoned the desktop. To that end, we’re using GBs of data. So it’s nice to be able to see how much data you’re using at a glance and control what’s using the data.

Check Your Cellular Data Usage

  1. To check your cellular data usage on your Android device, go to Settings, then Data Usage. You can view the specifics of what apps/services are using your data by tapping Cellular Data Usage on that page.
  2. If you look at a device that uses cellular data (which most mobile devices do), tap Cellular Data Usage to see a quick graph of data usage and scroll down to see which apps are using the majority of that data.
  3. You can customize how each of those apps uses data by tapping on one of them. You can, for example, enable and disable Background Data, Unrestricted Data Usage, Wi-Fi, and/or Data Usage.

Check Your WiFi Data Usage

  1. To view Wi-Fi data usage, you must first enable it in the Data Usage Window. Navigate to Settings | Data Usage. Tap the menu button (three vertical dots in the upper right corner) and then Show Wi-Fi from that window.
  2. Once enabled, you’ll see a Wi-Fi tab listed; tap on that tab to view your Wi-Fi data usage in the same way you can view your cellular usage.
  3. You can now view and control your Android device’s Wi-Fi data usage. Knowing how much data you use on a wireless network and how to limit data-hungry apps can help keep your business network free of bottlenecks and other problems.


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